Lackawanna County law enforcement is committed to protecting families and the community from illegal and dangerous drug activity. If you witness suspicious people or patterns of behavior in your neighborhood, please report it to the proper authorities. You can often do so anonymously.

DO NOT try to intervene yourself in illicit drug activities. LEAVE IT TO THE POLICE! Drug dealers are often armed and dangerous!

The best way to report suspicious activity is to call 911 or your local police department. A 911 dispatcher can put you in touch with a local police officer. To guard your own safety and anonymity, ask the dispatcher to have an officer call you or make arrangements to meet an officer in person at the local police station. You can ask to remain anonymous when supplying a tip to authorities.

When making a report, be sure to write down detailed information, such as license plate numbers, physical descriptions of the people involved, dates and times of suspicious activity, and any other relevant information.

Again, PLEASE DO NOT try to intervene. CALL 911.